March 29, 2017

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate being alone. I recharge by being around people, and feel most loved when I’m surrounded by friends. Lucky for me, Chi Omega has provided me with a tight-knit community full of “yes” girls who are always in front of me giving me a...

March 21, 2017

Growing up as a Texan, I’ve always heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and now, as a student at the University of Texas I truly believe it. From the moment I stepped onto campus at Freshman Orientation I could feel just how big the school was, and let...

March 1, 2017

From my first day of freshman year of high school, I was ready for college. Being so young still, this meant that I had a whole four years to dream about college and conjure up my vision of a perfect freshman year. Four years is a long time to think about something, so...

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