From my first day of freshman year of high school, I was ready for college. Being so young still, this meant that I had a whole four years to dream about college and conjure up my vision of a perfect freshman year. Four years is a long time to think about something, so as you can imagine, my expectations grew pretty high. Almost five years later, I can confidently say that my expectations have been well put to shame and reality proved to be even more incredible than my dreams. I have Chi Omega to thank for that.

As I like to tell people, I’ve wanted to be a Texas Chi Omega quite frankly since the day I was born. Along with other family members, my mother was a Chi O, my grandmother was a Chi O, and my great-grandmother was a Chi O here. That’s pretty special. I was never pressured to join this sorority, but after my first step into the house on the first day of rush I immediately knew it was meant to be. Bid Day soon came and I remember all of the older girls saying that you’ll look back on the pictures you take with these complete strangers and laugh because they’re all now your best friends, and in the moment, it was kind of hard to believe that. As much as I was prepared and ready for college to begin, the whole making friends aspect of it was always daunting to me. I was surrounded by seventy-one girls who I knew were supposed to be my sisters, but I wondered how I was supposed become friends with them so quickly…

Today I can say that I’m astonished every day, truly, by the girls I’m surrounded by. Never in my life have I met such selfless, caring, adventurous, down to earth, goofy and downright happy people. These girls are never afraid to push themselves, to drop anything and help a fellow sister, to be adventurous and spontaneous, and to be raw and real and true to themselves. I never expected that girls I’ve known for a short 7 months would already feel like family to me. I find myself, whether on my own thinking back on fond memories, memories I’ve had for only seven months, mind you, or in the moment surrounded by these girls, feeling not just overwhelmed with happiness, but completely fulfilled.

College can be stressful and difficult and it can quite frankly knock you and your self confidence down at times, but never in my life have I been able to be so unapologetically myself. These girls go as far as they possibly can - and then a little bit farther - to lift each other up as high as possible. As cliché as it may sound, I truly believe the girls of Texas Chi Omega are some of the brightest, most joyous lights this world has and without a doubt will leave their mark as that on the 40 Acres.

It’s incredibly exciting to think about what the next six and a half semesters have in store for me as a Chi Omega, what memories I’ll make, the exciting experiences in store, and becoming even closer to these beautiful sisters of mine. Chi O has given me SO much already, so I can’t even begin to imagine what all I will gain by the end of my time here. They say you only choose once, and boy am I glad that I chose right!!!

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