Growing up as a Texan, I’ve always heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and now, as a student at the University of Texas I truly believe it. From the moment I stepped onto campus at Freshman Orientation I could feel just how big the school was, and let me tell you, it was daunting. I vividly remember walking back to the dorm in tears because I felt like I would get lost in the crowd and never find my place at such a large university in a giant city. For a while, I questioned if UT was the right school for me.

August rolled around, and it was time for a BIG change in my life…move in at Hardin House quickly followed by Recruitment. Again, I felt nervous that I had made the wrong choice. Going through Recruitment and meeting the Chi Os, all of those feelings melted away. Each day I grew more and more excited to go back to the Chi Omega house. I kept calling my mom to keep her updated on the Recruitment process, and every time I talked to her I told her that something just felt right at the Chi O house. I knew that each time I walked through those big doors into the house that the conversations would flow effortlessly and that I could easily connect with the older girls. When my mom asked what all we talked about, I excitedly told her, “Well, we talked about all of the cool places that they’ve traveled, all of the dank food in Austin, the dogs at Zilker, and great Netflix shows. Mom, I think these are my people.” And now I can proudly say that the Chi Os are my people. I chose once and chose right by pledging Chi Omega and joining an amazing chapter full of kind, smart, outgoing, and adventurous girls. I stopped worrying about how big the school was, and instead, I started enjoying the company of the people around me in the moment. Needless to say, despite those initial feelings of doubt, I have found my home at Texas Chi Omega.

Like I’ve said, Texas is BIG, and campus is BIG. Nothing beats the feeling of walking on that large, beautiful campus and running into another Chi O as you go to and from classes. Whenever I run into one of my sisters, they are always so genuinely interested in what’s going on in my life and how I’m doing. If an older Chi Omega sees that I’m wearing a Chi O shirt, even if we’ve never met before, they will always smile and say hello. It truly is special to have a community of women that care for you while being away from home, especially freshman year.

The girls of Texas Chi Omega have BIG hearts. Not only do they care so much for each other, they care so much for the community and world around them. The girls of Chi Omega really do want to change the world for the better, and I firmly believe that this group of people can do it. It’s hard not to brag about all of the wonderful and prestigious things that my sisters are doing. Chi Os are future teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, and whatever else they aspire to be that will undoubtedly alter our society for the greater good.

Mixed in with all of that seriousness, a BIG part of Chi Omega is how silly and fun all of the girls are. Chi Os are the kind of girls that will wake up at 5 a.m. and go to Mount Bonnell to eat donuts and watch the sunrise. Chi Os will get up on stage and sing karaoke for a sister’s birthday in front of a whole restaurant of people…even if they’re almost tone deaf. Chi Os will dance to JuJu On That Beat like they’re performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Chi Os will somehow make 2 a.m. study sessions with Integral Calculus and the History of the Cuban Revolution enjoyable and filled with laughter...and probably Tiff’s and Austin’s Pizza Rolls too. Chi Os will stay in, go out, explore, meet new people, and live each day to the fullest. Chi Os have each other’s backs and will support one another through the trials and tribulations of college and real life.

Joining Chi Omega was a BIG decision, one that will impact me for the rest of my life, and I feel more than confident that I made the right decision. Texas Chi Omega has given me not only best friends, but ~sisters~ that make this crazy experience called college incredible and unforgettable. XOXO

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