Everyone who knows me knows that I hate being alone. I recharge by being around people, and feel most loved when I’m surrounded by friends. Lucky for me, Chi Omega has provided me with a tight-knit community full of “yes” girls who are always in front of me giving me advice, behind me giving me support, and beside me giving me a friend with a listening ear, so that I am never truly alone. This community is something I often find myself taking for granted, and as someone who is well over half-way through this season of life, it’s not something that I want to forget once my college years come to a close. But, because of the character of the girls I am surrounded by every day, I know that the friendships made in this house will be lasting ones.

My New Year’s resolution this year was to make sure that the people around me knew how much they mattered to me. Whether that be in daily conversation, acts of service, or hand-written notes, I wanted everyone to know that their friendship was incredibly special to me, especially my Chi O girls. So maybe you can view this post as a shameless way to catch up on my New Year’s resolution, but I want to use the rest of this space to brag on the girls I call my ~sisters~, and define what Chi O means to me, through what the girls have shown me, what they have taught me, and how they have loved me.

Chi Omegas are devoted to one another in love. They know that a genuine friend is a rare commodity, so they strive to keep each other at a high priority. Their allegiance and loyalty to one another is unmatched.

Chi Omegas show up when they are needed. The girls in this house are of the most selfless nature, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The amount of times I have seen a Chi O put her own agenda aside to be there for a friend in need is countless, and is done so without any hesitation or reservations.

Chi Omegas exceed the expectations of a “normal” friendship. I know most of us use the term “sister” with a giggle and hint of sarcasm, but the bond I have with these girls is more than a typical friendship. Typical friends don’t run back to Hardin when you’ve overslept your presentation, typical friends don’t wait for 3 hours in a line to get fried chicken, typical friends don’t spend an entire day in the burning sun trying to teach you how to wakeboard.

Chi Omegas are freaking. funny. I would bet on my life that if a reality show was based off of 2711 Rio Grande, it would have the highest of ratings. There is no one else I would be able to drive for 10 hours in a car with nothing but the radio to keep us entertained, and still make one of the best memories of my college career.

Chi Omegas are involved, and they are deeply invested with what they are involved in. This can be taken many directions. Chi O’s exceed in almost everything that they do, whether that be school, academic clubs, intramurals (fit girls!), but mostly they are completely interwoven in each other’s stories like I’ve never seen before. These girls care deeply about the happenings of their friend’s lives, and are interested in being there for the ups, downs, and in-betweens, without wavering.

Above all, Chi Omega’s are fighting the good fight. These girls are salt-to-the-earth, team players. They have influential moral compasses, and they follow them. They know what’s best, and they fight to make it happen. Chi O’s live their lives set apart for a good and moral purpose, and it’s obvious to anyone who knows them.

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