Oh sorority life… definitely one of the more confusing things to understand; until you gain some experience. Over this past spring break while I was at the pool of my hotel in Florida I overheard a conversation between two middle school girls. I laughed to myself as I listened to them talking about sororities. The first girl said, “Some girl in the bathroom had an owl bracelet and I complemented her on it since it is my favorite animal.” She said that the college girl’s reply was, “Oh thank you! It’s for my sorority, Chi-O.” Then the middle-schooler proceeded on to say, “I assume that stands for Chi Omega, (pronouncing it Oh-mee-guh) but not sure why she shortened it to just ‘O’.” Her friends replied, “It’s crazy how into it those girls get when it comes to their sororities. My mom was an Alpha Xi Delta (AGAIN, pronouncing Xi completely wrong), and she never stops talking about it.”

I just sat there and grinned because I am pretty sure I had a similar conversation at that very age. I learned the Greek alphabet while putting together my rush packets, and to be honest, I still am pronouncing some of the letters wrong. I put myself back in that position of being a naïve tween, and at the age of 12, I myself even thought that I would never become a part of a sorority for many reasons: 1. My mom was not in one 2. I did not want to have any similar personality traits to the girls in Legally Blonde and 3. I was still climbing trees and wearing shorts below my knees, which I was convinced would never go out of style. However, here I am, 8 years later laying down in my bed that has an owl pillow on it, typing on my computer that has a Chi-O sticker on it, wearing a Texas Chi-O shirt, and writing for the Texas Chi Omega blog. Oh, the irony.

Although I don’t care to admit that I was a hypocrite from the time I was in middle school until now, I hands-down, definitely was. And I scrutinize myself for it. I have always been the type of person that loves to make friends anywhere and everywhere I go, whether it be on an airplane, at a hotel, at the apple store, or on the highway. And yes, that actually happened--I made friends with someone in the car next to me in stopped traffic one time. I was crazy to think that I wouldn’t want to be a part of a sorority because in my opinion, that is the absolute best way to make friends for a lifetime. I’m not the type to be all mushy-gushy about my experience of making friends that will “be my sisters for life,” but it’s the straight truth.

I would say I had a very solid friend group growing up in middle school and high school with a group of girls that I had known since I was about 5. We are still all very close, but it amazes me that I am able to tell things to my college friends that I don’t feel comfortable telling my high school friends because I somehow feel closer to my college friends. I am still getting memories on Facebook that say, “You and [name a Chi-O here] are celebrating 1 year of friendship on Facebook today!” These are the girls that I am telling my deepest darkest secrets to, and it wouldn’t be this way if I hadn’t joined Chi Omega. It has just been a little over one short year with these girls that I consider my closest friends. So thank you Facebook for tracking my anniversary with all of my friends. I wouldn’t have been able to reiterate my point without you.

Anyways, I am so glad I didn’t listen to my tomboy, prepubescent-self when I was deciding whether I wanted to join a sorority or not because I not only chose the right decision to join one, but I also chose the right one. Chi-O has brought me so close to so many girls no matter what grade and I know I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet so many of them if it weren’t for all of the great times I get to spend with them at events, fundraisers, parties, you name it. Every week we have a mandatory meeting and I do not consider them “mandatory” but exciting. I love them because I get to hang out with all of my best friends.

So if you are deciding if you want to join a sorority, just ask yourself the simple question, “Do you want to make friends for a lifetime?” and if your answer is yes, then join a sorority (extra brownie points for you if you join Chi-O). If your answer is no, then still join a sorority because I can guarantee your answer will soon change to yes. And to save yourself from embarrassment unlike those girls in the pool and unlike myself leading up to making rush packets, learn how to pronounce the Greek Alphabet.

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