Madi Buck

Coming into college, joining a sorority never crossed my mind. All I knew about sororities came from what I had seen in the movies, and from what they showed, that was definitely not something I was interested in. As freshman year went on, a lot of my new friends I had made were in different sororities, and they did not fit the stereotype I had built up in my head. Seeing this, sophomore year rolled around, and I decided to go through rush. I knew I had nothing to lose no matter what the outcome, but thought it would be an experience no matter what. I ended up loving rush, and getting a bid from Chi O! I am now a senior in Chi O, and can truly say the phrase I never thought I would be saying, and that is that I love my sorority. Here are 5 reasons why: 1. I have been able to meet so many new people and make life long friends in Chi O! It is such a nice feeling walking into a house with familiar faces, and have an overwhelming feeling of love for all the girls in the house. Different parts of me have been able to grow by meeting all of these girls. I have gone on road trips with them, traveled to California for the UT vs. USC game with them, danced the night away with them, volunteered with them, and so much more. I specifically remember coming back from study abroad, and seeing everyone on bid day and feeling so loved by everyone I saw!

2. Chi O cares about my academics and well-being. As a Chi O we are pushed to achieve our academic goals by having study hours, being surrounded by other girls who care about their grades and will motivate you, have events that help with bettering our academics, and the list goes on. I have gone to Chi O numerous times to study during the week or meet for group projects. It is so cool to walk in the first day of class and see another Chi O in the class, and automatically have a buddy in there. That happened this year with Cara Collins (another Chi O) and I, and now we are doing a group project together!

3. I get to take part in cool opportunities and events. Chi O has so many fun and meaningful events throughout the year that get me involved in volunteer activities, career advancement, and social functions that vary from our Chi O parents weekend to having head shots taken for our LinkedIn profiles.

4. Being apart of an organization that supports Make-A-Wish, our philanthropy. I remember going through rush, and taking note of the genuine passion that I could see in Chi Os for Make A Wish. From raising money, holding events, making crafts, and granting wishes, I have found that Chi O has truly made a difference in other’s lives, and I have been able to be a part of that.

5. Judgement free zone. Chi O has shown me that a sorority doesn’t have to be known for all of the stereotypical things that TV tells us, but rather stand for a group of girls who are down to earth and accepting of everyone. Chi O has girls from all over the place, with different interests, stories, passions, and desires. I love that we can all come together and hangout knowing that we are excepted for who we are! Chi O doesn’t necessarily define who I am, but has helped in making me the person I am today. I proudly wear my letters knowing that I’m apart of an amazing organization that has not only benefitted me, but others as well. I LOVE CHI OMEGA DON’T YA KNOW

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