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The central principle, upon which all others are built. It is the spirit of love, and fun, and family; the security that comes from knowing that there will be sisters who will accept you for who you are throughout your life.

Participation in Campus Activities

The element which ensures that Chi Omegas are active participants in the campus community. Involvement in worthwhile campus activities broadens your perspective and gives you experience in working with people of varying backgrounds and interests.

High Standards of Personnel

The element that helps ensure the continuing success of the Fraternity. Chi Omega chapters attract the finest young women who have a strong commitment to success in college and throughout their lives

Career Development

The preparation for life after college. The Chi Omega Career Development Portfolio, "On the Way Up," prepares our members for beginning their chosen careers. "Crossroads," Chi Omega's network, is our way of linking, assisting, and contacting members who are moving, changing careers, or just need a friend in a new city or town.

Sincere Learning & Applied Scholarship

The ultimate reason for attending college. Chi Omega helps you obtain the finest education possible through academic incentive programs, tutoring, and scholarships from the Chi Omega Foundation.

Community Service

The philanthropic activities that contribute to your community's welfare. Chi Omega allows each chapter to select its own philanthropy so that members may work on behalf of organizations in their own community and see the results of their efforts.

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